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Birthday: November 29 Age: 67 Years67 Year Old Males. Sun : Sagittarius. Quotes By Alex Grey Artists.

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Height: 5'3" cm5'3" Males. State: Ohio. The Famous People. Zodiac. Famous People ยป. Popularity Index. Artists Continue Reading Below. Recommended For You. Matthew Gray Gu Leslie Stefanson. Tom Franco. Susan Mikula.

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Alex Grey alex grey bio an artist whose works cover a diverse variety of art forms including painting, sculpture, visionary art, performance art, and installation art. His specialties are spiritual and visionary art for which he is famous all over the world.

Grey is an unconventional personality and was always interested in controversial and morbid issues from childhood. As he was fascinated by the concept of death and used to collect dead insects which he buried in his backyard. His artistic bent of mind was also evident from his childhood and he was encouraged to draw by his graphic deer father. After studying fine arts in college he went to medical school where he spent five years in the anatomy department preparing cadavers for dissection; his anatomical training greatly influenced his paintings.

He was also greatly interested in existentialism and experimented with drugs in order to induce mystical experiences. He has the unique skill of portraying clairvoyant visions and psychedelic themes in his works. His works explore the physical, metaphysical and spiritual anatomy of the human life experiences in a blend of visionary and postmodern art. American Artists. He was born as Alex Velzy into a middle class family. He became interested in the concept of death.

He would collect dead animals and insects and give them a ritualistic burial in his backyard. He won a scholarship to attend the Columbus College of Art and De in He dropped out in and painted billboards in Ohio for a year. He met his wife Allyson Rymland there and the two would experiment with LSD to induce mystical experiences.

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He then went to Harvard Medical School where he worked in the Anatomy department for five years studying the corpses and preparing them for dissection. His experience at the medical school greatly influenced his artworks. Quotes: I. Top Short Male Athletes. The Most Stylish Female Celebrities.

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Sagittarius Men. Herbert Benson and Dr. Joan Borysenko during the s. He conducted experiments in subtle healing energies.

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He started working on a series of art actions in that depicted rites of passage by presenting stages of a developing psyche. He conducted around 50 performance rites over a period of 30 years. He began working on a series of 21 life-sized paintings known as the Sacred Mirror series in It took him 10 years to complete the series. The book takes the viewer on a journey through the physical and spiritual self through pictures and essays.

He explores the spiritual path of an artist through creative processes. Today, he sells his paintings, prints, alex grey bio, posters, DVDs, calendars, clothing, jewelry, and many other items through his various web sites. Quotes: Art. The series present the cosmic, biological and technological evolution of the individual. He is married to painter Allyson Grey. Their daughter Zena Grey is an established actress and artist. Several of his paintings have been used by music groups on their album covers.

See the events in life of Alex Grey in Chronological Order. Article Title. Matthew Gray Gubler American. Leslie Stefanson American. Tom Franco American.

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Susan Mikula American. Maya Lin American. Thomas McDonell American.

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Dan Estabrook American. Lisa Hanawalt American. Also Listed In. Grouping Of People Recent.

Alex grey bio

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