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We are currently recovering from a hardware failure on our main server. We're in the process of rebuilding the site to be more robust. In the meantime you may find a few things broken. Specifically, there is no way at the moment for authors to add new stories. We're trying to fix that as quickly as possible. You should now be able to submit author feedback, applications, help requests, etc. Stories Text Repository.

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All Rights Reserved. Read our privacy guidelines. Stories Text Repository ASSTR is home to over authors of erotic literature, asstr francais of the newsgroup, mirror site for nifty. ProfilesNew ArrivalsLinks for Authors. Exquisite anthologies prepared by discriminating collectors. Moderated -- the newsgroup, the archive. Site MapFAQs. Your donations are what pay the bills. Spotlights story recommendations. This story This story delves into abberrant sex practices that might well offend you. FREE Speech! Summary : Hi, Donna here: married, fifty-plus mom, also known as Kamilla Murphy, author of over 50 published books of erotica.

As with most of my stories, this one's really a love story.

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Summary : Tommy is seen peeping into the girl's bathhouse window. Jim and Terry use his curiosity as an opportunity for Sex Ed Summary : Saturday morning cartoons with Dad and my older brother returns from his sleepover In Chapter 1, seven year old Nikki learns to play naughty games with the boys next door Summary : Nikki spills the beans and her daddy confronts Mr. Jack about what has been going on over the years next door Help Center.

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Asstr francais

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