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Granted, this article is misleading. Pornhub has far less child sexual abuse material than social media companies such as Facebook, according to sex worker Ashley Lake.

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Pornhub certainly has real problems with how it treats sex workers. Inthis reporter spoke with several sex workers who alleged Pornhub notoriously hosts pirated material. In reality, their onscreen sex scenes were shared online, including preview clips on Pornhub and full videos available as part of subscription-based Pornhub Premium service. After Girls Do Porn posted the videos, several stars were outed, doxed, and harassed. One woman who spoke to Motherboard said she has been shunned by family members, while another reportedly contemplated suicide, committed self-harm, and had to drop out of college to avoid harassment.

Just take your criticism from sex workers and adult industry reporters, not anti-porn, anti-sex worker conservative Christians.

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There are many Pornhub alternatives out there, including independent adult sites. Read on for our suggestions. Our coverage meticulously reviews these porn sites and suggests whether users should take a visit. These articles provide a thorough overview of the adult industry beyond Pornhub, and equip readers with the knowledge they need to make an informed purchase.

Both of these articles provide avenues for directly supporting Rule 34 animators on Patreon. These guides generally avoid mentioning Pornhub unless the site blows its competitors out of the water which is rare, for the record. For audio porn, check out our audio porn guideor consider subscribing to Dipsea. The best way to support adult performers and sex workers is to compensate them for their hard work. In the adult content industry, studios contract performers for scenes.

ManyVidsfor example, keeps a running tally of its top earners and rewards bonus payments to the most popular stars. It depends on the adult star you want to support. One model I spoke to, JoJotold the Daily Dot that she generally makes her income best alternative to pornhub camming on Chaturbate and starring in studio shoots. That means directly supporting the production companies that contract her in more work in the long-term.

But other models may have different preferences. But others may prefer people buying directly from their own clip sites. Many adult models—especially independent and queer creators—record custom work for their viewers. In exchange for a script, idea, or series of requests, you can directly reach out to a model and make a fantasy come to life. For example, ManyVids star Destinationkat offers custom videos on her. Users can order anything from ass worship to femdom material, and can also pay extra for shower scenes or sex machines. Besides supporting content creators, custom videos lay the foundation for future custom orders and give performers ideas for more content.

Models can also make additional income from your request if you allow them to sell custom work in their clip stores. Before there was Twitch, there were camgirls. All it takes is a few people interacting with the cam model to set the mood for the night—and to get the audience tipping performers for special goals like stripping, spanking, or using a sex best alternative to pornhub. Of course, tips are also appreciated outside of cam shows. Like any other artist, adult performers have to pay the bills, maintain their equipment, buy groceries, or invest money into marketing their brand.

One of the best ways to show your appreciation for the sex workers you love is to shoot them a donation over Venmo, Cash App, or whichever payment service they prefer. What I do is my job and end of the day I need money to pay my rent but seeing encouraging compliments and interactions from fans is always appreciated. One of the best Pornhub alternatives is ManyVids.

While ManyVids is best known for its paid clip store content, the site also lets performers videos for free. The site now features free porn clips via partnership programsas well as erotica submissions from users. As far as porn made for women, Bellesa is a top Pornhub alternative, if not the best. Last but not least, clip previews are always worth checking out. Many adult models post clips and photos on their Twitter s to promote their paid work, so follow the stars you enjoy and keep an eye out for their tweets. So retweet adult content you enjoy, tell your favorite performers that you love their art, and tip them when you have the opportunity.

They can also be paid per view in Pornhub Premium, our HD, on-demand streaming platform. Price also argued that dissuading users from visiting Pornhub would hurt creators using the platform. Ana Valens is a reporter specializing in online queer communities, marginalized identities, and adult content creation.

She lives in Brooklyn, New York, and spends her free time developing queer adult games. Lust Cinema. Else Cinema. Couples Cinema. Sex Art. Best Cam Sites. Visit Site. Live Jasmin. for more information. Share this article. Ana Valens Ana Valens is a reporter specializing in online queer communities, marginalized identities, and adult content creation.

Best alternative to pornhub

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