C14 walkthrough

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These are the PlayStation Plus games of June Trophies: Missable trophies: None. Glitched trophies: None. Difficulty related: None. Playthrough: 6. Welcome to the C14 Dating Trophy Guide! This is a visual novel developed by Winter Wolves. My solution in the walkthrough is not the only combination that will work so I recommend saving along the way at the start of each week if you make a mistake since you may be able to adjust to compensate.

The general strategy is to check the characters tab at the start of the week and choose activities that favour the characters you have c14 walkthrough lowest rating in. In the screenshots for the setup of each characters playthroughs you will see what activity is associated best with them.

As well as c14 walkthrough to the playthroughs to see the positive responses that will increase your heart level towards each one. Before you begin make sure you go into the settings menu and change to the options shown below to speed things up. Make sure you also select the following choices at the start of every playthrough. One last thing to note is that during each playthrough unless I show you a screenshot for the next week then assume its the same as the week.

Monday — Stay. Weekend: — Get permission before handling — I enjoy it sometimes. Monday — Volunteer to talk to Kyler. Tuesday: — Ask for it in English — Pretty much yes. Friday: — Just go for it. Monday: — Inwardly panic over him working in the square.

Tuesday: — Wish him luck. Wednesday: — Talk about badgers. Friday: — Hendrik — Can sorta see where Kyler is coming from, but…. Deandre-Kyler Festival Chibi. Week 8 Kyler Love CG. Rosemarie Festival CG. Week 8: Kyler Friendship Chibi.

Monday: — Stay. Tuesday: — Your accent sounds different in English — Volunteer for tomorrow — New to c14 walkthrough this? Monday: — Volunteer to talk to Kyler. Friday: — Just go for it! Tuesday: — Inwardly panic over him working in the square.

Thursday: — Grab Deandre. Wednesday: — …help Deandre with the food preparation. Week 8: Deandre Friendship Chibi. Week 8: Deandre Love CG. Weekend: — Get permission before handling. Thursday: — Clean up the mess. Wednesday: — … help Shoji set up the facepaint station. Shoji Festival. Thursday: — Make plans for this weekend. Shoji Week 7 Chibi. Week 8: Shoji Friendship Chibi.

Friday: — Get permission before handling. Monday: — Ask if Deandre will talk to Kyler. Tuesday: — Admire his procedure.

Wednesday: — Take a stab at it. Friday: — Hendrik. Wednesday: — …tag along with you, Hendrik! Hendrik Festival.

Dancing Hendrik. Thursday: — C14 walkthrough restaurant sounds lovely. Hendrik Week 7 CG. Week 8 Hendrik Love CG. Hendrik Friendship Chibi. Tuesday: — Ask for it in French. Sea Snails Chibi scene. Joan Snails Chibi scene. Thursday: Dancing Joan. Week 8: Chantal Nails Chibi. Week 1: — Stay. Week 3: — Admire his procedure — Maybe later — Wish him luck — He seems occupied, return to the tent area. Week 7: — …help Deandre with the food preparation. Hi Kaine. Thanks for your feedback. You should be good to get that Platinum. But some answer options were coming a different way after week 6, so probably I messed up in the weekly schedule.

I didnt get again the Group Photo CG trophy.

I checked the relationships in the start of week 7. Shoji, Hendrik and Joan are with almost 4 full hearts, but Deandre had only three, and Kyler only two and a bit. At the start of week 8, Deandre was with almost 4 hearts too, and Kyler with almost 3, and was enough to get the trophy.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to c14 walkthrough these cookies on your website. Cancel Preloader. Playthrough 1 — Kyler Week 1: Monday — Stay. Thursday: — Decline for now Weekend: — Get permission before handling — I enjoy it sometimes.

Week 2: Monday — Volunteer to talk to Kyler. Wednesday: — Ask Sherri. Thursday: — Wait. Week 3 Monday: — Inwardly panic over him working in the square. Friday: — Pass. Thursday: — Make him part of the main excavation team?

Week 6: Wednesday: — Accept his offer.

C14 walkthrough

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