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I guess you're looking for interactive sex stories?

Well, tell me. Well, besides the obvious reading part. No user input. You just have to grip your dick and hang on for the ride. Remember those oldschool "choose your own adventure" books? The ones where you made a character and got to decide what they did in the story. I still get excited when I see them in a used book store.

Almost as excited as I get when the cutie of a librarian lets me finger her way back in the stacks of forgotten history books. ThePornDude has finally watched too much porn and has gone off the deep end. No, It all comes together. And, for an erotica site, this place brings in the horny chicks and dudes by the fuckload.

The first thing I did when I went to this site was let out a sigh of frustration. Great formatting and logo and all of that shit. But a white background for a site built around staring at and reading text for hours. Come on. At least throw in a lights-off mode on the stories or something. Fuck eyestrain. Over 12 thousand stories with more than thousand chapters for you to jerk off to. Some sort of content is being ed here every few minutes, whether it be updates, chapter additions, or new stories.

But what the fuck does all of it mean? You can still just go ahead and use this site like a normal erotica site. Just click on some stories, whip out your dick, and try and cum along with the protagonist like everyone else does. This site is collaborative, like one big orgy of shared information.

You can take the classic approach and write your own private stories to get chyoa sex feedback from the community, but the real fun is elsewhere. You can write up a story with a quality hook at the end and chyoa sex leave it open. Anyone can add alternative chapters to keep the story going. People can add arcs that peter out and end based on certain decisions, while others could change everything and run off into its own completely separate story from the original. To get started, just make a free. In fact, there aren't even on the site.

All of the support and costs are covered by the generous patreon donations from the users.

The genres encompassed more than I thought they would. The only topics banned are stories about minors, bestiality, and excessive violence. Other than that, you just need to dive into some stories. Do you, like, wave at the director and step in? You just have to go for it. Same here. Well written story with over chapters.

More of an indicator for what the setting or main protag looks like. Easily Readable Mobile Site The mobile site is fucking great. None of the text is badly formatted or any of that horrendous bullshit you get on other erotica sites.

No having to scroll horizontally to get to the end of a sentence. Though I felt like the new story slider thing on the front was clunky as fuck. But everything else is deed well, which is impressive for a user-funded site. Usually, the mobile site is lacking. Not here. Take your erotica on the go and nobody around you will be the wiser.

As a chyoa sex of a roleplaying nerd myself, and I'm not just talking about in bed, I can get behind a concept like this. Ever read a story and wish that it ended differently or went another direction? Here you can get off your lazy ass and write that ending or that story yourself.

And, hey, anything, where I can choose how some slutty character gets fucked, is a home run in my book.

Ditch it. Everything else works fine. Just like in bed. Erotica is usually just the same shit written over and over again, but not at CHYOA often misspelled as "chyoo" and "cyoa". The collaborative aspect really allows for some kinky fucking stories.

There was one I read where one of the chapters shifted from schoolgirl teacher fantasy to her getting kidnapped chyoa sex fucked by a bunch of aliens. Wild stories have more ups and downs than a camwhores career.

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Chyoa sex

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