Couch sex

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I understand this is common knowledge, but it bears repeating, as many of us are apt to get couch sex in a sexy-time rut of our own creation. The easiest way to break this monotony? Add a few couch sex positions to your repertoire.

Couches are, of course, not all that different from beds. Couches present few logistical challenges, and the closest one is likely a mere few steps away from your bedroom. The couch feels out in the open, vulnerable, revealing in a way a bed never really does—and that holds true, even if you live alone i. No, you needed each other then.

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In that moment. Your cups overrunneth with desire, and you could only channel it into one thing: couch sex. Get naked, climb onto your partner and lean as far back as you can without sacrificing comfort. If you can reach the ground behind couch sex, you can use your hands to steady yourself. From there, thrust and grind—or invited your partner to play power bottom. The Kick Back is perfect for shaking things up without veering too far out of your comfort zone. The X Marks the Spot is a particularly beautiful sex position, because it allows both you and your partner to, effectively, kick back and relax.

At least, as much as you can while having sex.

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Have your partner sit upright on the couch, and climb onto their lap. From there, your partner can thrust, and you can chill.

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Or you can slide backward and forward along their thighs to control the speed and depth of penetration. To try the Side Saddle, get on your knees facing the couch, and have your partner kneel on one knee behind you. Lean forward onto the couch and slide one knee behind you until everything lines up. From there, you can push off the couch to drive the speed and depth of penetration—or you can fully lean on it, giving total control over to your partner.

Doggy is fun on the bed, but if you have a particularly spring-y mattress or even a super-soft one you tend to sink intoa couch might be a better bet. Get on your hands and knees, as always, and invite your partner to kneel and penetrate you from behind.

Both of you can make full use of the myriad comfy throws lining your couch to shake up angles and increase comfort. Fans of Doggy who want to shake things up will love the Over the Edge—which is basically exactly what it sounds like. Kneel in front of the arm of your couch and bend over it, leaning on it for support and using your arms to hold onto the side for further steadiness.

From there, your partner can kneel behind you and penetrate you from behind. If your couch is super-comfy, you might be able to up the intensity while remaining incredibly comfy. If you want to use couch sex as an opportunity to try something very newthe Bottoms Up might just be your position. In the Bottoms Up, have your partner slide their butt onto the edge couch sex the couch and lean back until their upper body is positioned diagonally between the back of the couch and the edge of the seat. They should plant their feet on couch sex ground and use their legs to get into the steadiest position possible, so you can climb onto their lap and straddle them with your feet on either side of the couch seat.

From there, you can grind up and down, or they can thrust from below. Wrap your legs around your partner and have them press you up against the couch. This variation has you lying on the couch on your back, as your partner stands beside you. The Reclined Blowjob would work just as well for vaginal oral sex, though your partner may have the squat to get the angle right. Since your couch is likely lower to the ground than your bed is, couch sex couch sex a great opportunity to experiment with different angles.

A great way to do this? Lie down with your back on the couch seat, and have your partner kneel in front of you. This could give your partner more direct access to, well, everything —make deeper penetration and clitoral stimulation a little easier. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. What's hot. Tags: sex positions. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram.

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Couch sex

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