Dreams of desire f95

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Thread starter jande21 Start date Sep 20, Yes Votes: 2, No Votes: 3, Total voters 6, Former Staff. Oct 19, 2, 26, The main thread got off-topic and had rants started from both sides. So i making this thread so everyone that feels like talking about it could vent their feelings here, while not spamming the main thread. Staff Note: Failure to keep this topic "on topic" will result in its closure. If name calling, shaming, etc starts. Punishments will be handed out accordingly.

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Update from LewdLab: Lewdlab said:. Hey everyone! Last time I was here I told you I won't come to this forum at least until the game is fully finisheddue to too much drama. But yesterday, I received a message from a Patron. He was concerned about some things he have read here.

It took some time, but I read all of the posts here, and I understand. There's a lot of false information here. I'm posting here because I don't want anyone to be mislead, especially not my supporters. So I advise, do not believe anything that doesn't come from me. Even if someone says 'I talked to Sin and this and that Sol Member. May 16, Reactions: FoxyBitchNetori Popeyeredsling and 6 others.

LeopoldWilliamReynolds Active Member. Aug 5, I don't think I would really mind it unless it was unavoidable. I think I would mind the nonstop crying about even the mere mention of it, but that's not much to do with the game and more to do with the babies on this forum.

Reactions: ItsEricBoimarhentekkax and 10 others. May 11, 2, 3, Dreams of desire f95 it kind of have it already? Reactions: Netori Popeyetpogs and Papa Ernie. HerpaDerpington Member Game Developer. May 14, There are hundreds upon hundreds of s concerning NTR in this site. The bottom result of the conversation is: anything that gets the majority butthurt, should be included as an option.

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I like NTR because I don't give a shit aka this is a game with pixels, but for people who get riled up there should be a warning and an option. Reactions: Abaddon0coolboy88Batubatu and 17 others. Aegon Targaryen Newbie. Apr 29, 29 Why not? It would make the game more enjoyable to put it in and give the option to avoid it by making the correct choices. At the very least it would add some kind of a challenge.

Story-wise, maybe it would give the MC a reason to stop pussyfooting around and make some kind of move already. But alas, the Dev isn't going to do it. So it's all just wishful thinking in the end. May 7, If it was optional then yeah but if it was forced, ffffffuck no. Many games I liked dreams of desire f95 ruined for me because ntr was forced, so I'm glad this one won't go down the same path. Apr 20, Well the dev has added " Nothing comes without a priceand our Main Character will learn this the hard way.

A price is going to be paid NTR is coming and the aspirations will do it. Reactions: Batubatuhitmanbhi and tpogs. Reactions: jamesbond AxelKoch Newbie. Aug 28, 64 Could scat improve Dream of Desire? Reactions: Ner0XMivanhattzero and 22 others. Aug 22, When helping her pick out her outfit in the clothes store you can go with conversative or revealing outfit with the weird hat. The walkthrough states " If you want to have mom all to yourself, go with the conservative. The ending in Princess Trainer Gold where Jasmine is getting off by having insults thrown at her, then later getting dicked in front of a huge crowd really did it for me.

So long as having your girls fucking others is optional by choosing the reveal in outfit early on I believe it would have made DoD a better game.

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Reactions: Drak09zombie goastNer0XM and 1 other person. I was just thinking, if you mess up, the girls can maybe eat a big juicy dump, maybe MC as well. But we know the devs would never go for that.

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The anti scat cry babies would drown dev in tears. People need to understand they are just pixels on a screen, and get a life. Reactions: PartomaticArap12xxx-sentinel and 17 others. May 28, 2, 12, Dreams of desire f95 Well-Known Member. Jul 4, 4, 6, Reactions: kehkbeef-devourerTitty Master and 48 others. And that's your opinion about NTR not making games better The aspirations fucking your family is part of you lol So I can see him doing that. The people that don't like NTR think it's ok to shame people that like it And cry to the point the dev cave in and they get what they want That's what piss me off about this topic.

Reactions: Arap12adisagreeablepersonGodOfAll and 5 others. And cry to the point the dev cave in and they get what they want. Where was the shaming? Thrownaway13 Lvl 12 - Cutie Respected User. May 27, 6, On a personal level, yes. Factoring in everyone else, no. My sister Mia had a great way of going about fetishes. But I think in future games that would be nice to see. I'm going to clarify things for the sake of argument. The dev can add whatever fetish he likes, the question was would it improve the game and no, no it wouldn't.

It would still be a good game with an extra fetish that would have to be so easily avoided to save pissing off most of us that don't see the appeal. It wouldn't improve it, it would just be something else added. People like NTR and that's fine for them. The reason people are getting more vocal in their annoyance of it is you folk that like it are asking for it in every. There are plenty of games that have it, if it's not down to be included then follow Disney and let it gooooo.

Dreams of desire f95

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