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At my brother's own lonely place we played around with gear and realized that we had potential to build a new kind of game. Board jousting involves players going around in an arena on some type of transportation device I use the Cloud 9 Snowboard, it would be epic if there was this Ro-ped you can hop on and fight!

Currently it's only fun for a short amount of time.

Most people, even me and my brother, get bored after a while. That's why I created this thread! I want suggestions on how you can improve my game. Criticism is actually ok here, but we prefer positive helpful comments. Also, I don't want to make money off this and neither does my brother.

We just want to create a game that would be a success with the Robloxian community. We have no desire to be popular or rich. So, post away!

If you do visit either my brother's board jousting place or mine, if you liked it be sure to thumbs up and leave a friendly comment. Hello, this is eviljeffhardy2l. I'd like to say that you sir are a good builder. Dat's all.

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Extreme board forum

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