Frozen having sex

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According to the Tampa Bay Times, a man was arrested for having sex with a stuffed Olaf and a stuffed unicorn toy in Target in St. Petersburg, Florida, on Tuesday last week. Once he had finished with the toys, the man apparently returned them to the shelf. He was then arrested in the store and the items were later on found and destroyed.

This might seem like very disturbing news, especially since the next Frozen movie is coming out soon.

Olaf has been the mascot of the franchise, and it must be pretty disturbing to hear that a man decided to have sex with a doll of the sentient snowman inside a public space. Meanwhile, in other Frozen news, sequel directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee have been saying that the new movie is going to push Anna and Elsa to places they might not be comfortable with.

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Frozen having sex

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Man is arrested for having sex with a stuffed 'Olaf' snowman toy from Frozen