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But as digital offerings reach new heights, virtual versions of beloved board games are—thanks to a pre-pandemic boom in board game hobbyists—more accessible than one fun browser games reddit think. To support those searching for a way to divert their attention from the novel coronavirus pandemic, and avoid going out into the world to buy board games in person, Smithsonian magazine has curated a collection of 12 games you can play with friends online.

For more options, check out Tabletop Simulator see entry on Dune for more information and Tabletopia see entry on Villagersboth of which allow users to create their own virtual versions of physical games, and Board Game Arenaa free tool with no downlo necessary. In lieu of taking an actual train ride, consider trekking across the globe via Ticket to Ride.

Platform: Tabletop Simulator. Now, more than 40 years after its launch, the latest version of the game is finally receiving its due. But the true power of this versatile tool lies in its capacity for user-created content. The online version of Settlers of Catan, technically retitled Catan Universe in this multi-platform release, has all the charm of its real-life equivalent, which pits players against each other in a race to settle an island with limited resources. Plus, it offers digital-only features including avatar customization, an in-game chat room, artificial intelligence competitors and varying levels of difficulty.

Users compete to earn Victory Points by building settlements and cities, acquiring resources, and trading with—or thwarting—other players.

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The first person to reach ten points wins. Catan Universe normally hosts free three-player matches of the Catan base game, but due to recent high demand, this feature is temporarily unavailable.

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Upon registering, users receive a bonus of gold pieces and two scrolls, which can be used to unlock special features or purchase expansion packs such as SeafarersCities and KnightsRise of the InkasRivals for Catan. Like the Barcelona cathedral that gives this game its name, Sagrada is known best for its sumptuous visuals. Play alone, versus A. Alternative: Monopoly is also available as a mod on Tabletop Simulator. The classic real estate gamein which players buy, trade and maintain Atlantic City properties in hopes of driving the competition into bankruptcy, is available to play online for free via gaming portal Pogo.

Register for an to compete with friends, A. For a more high-tech experience, download the official Monopoly app through the App Store or Google Play. A digital version of Villagers is available for free with a basic Tabletopia. Creating a Tabletopia is free, but accessing certain games requires a premium subscription. Some games are free to play with a limited of users but need a subscription to bump up the of players. Other free games available via Tabletopia include LisboaArchitects of the West Kingdom and Smithsonian best board game of pick Everdell.

Given the current global health crisis, Pandemic might seem like a questionable choice of entertainment. But the game, which asks players to work cooperatively to save the world from deadly diseases, fun browser games reddit actually far more uplifting than it sounds—and it could serve as a much-needed source of hope, or at least distraction, amid these trying times.

To play Pandemic, one to five players act as a team of experts equipped to contain and, if all goes well, end a spate of viral outbreaks. Each player assumes a special role, such as scientist, operations expert or researcher; all roles come with their own unique abilities.

The goal is to travel between cities and research centers, stemming the spread of four diseases while simultaneously researching cures. If players find all four cures in time, they win the game. Fun browser games reddit and its various expansion packs are technically only available as single player- or local multiplayer-games meaning individuals have to play against A.

See Wired for more information on setting up Remote Play Together. Platform: Unofficial online version hosted on Horsepaste. Codenames publisher Czech Games Edition plans to release an online version of the popular party game, which pits two teams against each other in a word guessing showdown, by the end of April.

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In the meantime, however, word game aficionados can access a free, unaffiliated version of the secret agent adventure via Horsepaste. A cooperative version of the game—in which players work as a single team instead of competing against each other—is available at Codenamesgreen. A truly retro version of Clue—the murder mystery party game that asks players to puzzle out which character committed a crime, where the incident took place and what weapon was used—is available for free via ArcadeSpotbut as one might expect, the outdated interface comes with limitations, most prominently the inability to play with friends remotely.

The official Clue app, available through the App StoreGoogle Play and Steamis richly animated and simple to use. Watson and an Egyptian archaeological dig inspired by an Agatha Christie novel—is also available for purchase.

Alternative: Also fun browser games reddit to Tabletopia premium users. Created by birder Elizabeth Hargrave, the game is recognized for its scientific rigor, eye-catching illustrations and unique premise. Hone your skills by playing against an A. Users can also purchase a mini expansion pack called Twilight Struggle: Turn Zero. In the Game of Lifeas in real life, much is left to chance: in this case, the whims of a randomly spun wheel.

Players race to reach retirement, garnering degrees, job titles, properties and loved ones along the way. The individual who retires with the most wealth wins. The app version of Life, developed by the same studio responsible for digitizing Monopoly and Clue, illustrates this journey with detailed 3-D animations—a welcome upgrade from the original Checkered Game of Life created by entrepreneur Milton Bradley in Continue or Give a Gift.

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Fun browser games reddit

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Twelve Board Games You Can Play With Friends From Afar