Is there sex in red dead redemption 2

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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. No spoilers, just some new information. It's been confirmed that Arthur cannot see prostitutes or engage in any sexual activity in the game. I wasn't bothered by any of the other information like clipping of objectsbut this I have to admit is a let down.

This is a game where you HAVE to eat and sleep, change your clothes based on the weather, feed and look after your horse, etc. Horses dynamically crap, their testicles shrivel dynamically, animals decompose dynamically, and there are over 80 s of dialogue for each NPC And yet they drew the line at sex. Arthur Morgan, your Wild West outlaw, can butcher entire towns and settlements, but will never be able to visit a brothel.

It made sense for John. But for Arthur? I'm still hyped for the game, but I gotta admit I don't appreciate that they purposefully kept this from the game. It's not like it was an oversight. The game has dynamic horse pooping. This was intentionally omitted from the game. A Rockstar game.

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Potentially the only Wild West game of this caliber that will ever exist and your outlaw can never have sex. Murder indiscriminately, sure. Sex, nah. That's too much. YodaMan 3D 5 posts. Truth 5 posts. Aimesleje 5 posts. Poggy 6 posts. October 31, I can only imagine how some of those videos would start.

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Here, this ought to brighten your day. Just happens to coincide with RDR2s launch October 25, I can see why they wouldn't. I can see your point, but as I said in another thread. To me it isn't needed for the game.

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I won't say Rockstar. Having sex in the game or not doesn't really bother me, It never really caught my interest even in Grand Theft Auto. I guess its just something I'm not to concerned about while playing games.

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I won't say Rockstar is a family friendly, but with our society being as sensitive as is about this kind of topic. I am sure that is a fight they don't want to have. Yeah, sex in RDR2 was nowhere even on my check list of things I would have wanted. Again, not needed, certainly. But why not include it?

I have to admit, it not being in the game is weird. I wasn't even thinking about it until i saw this thread. Like others, it's not something I really need in the game, but would make sense to have it. A lot of outlaws are usually depicted frequenting brothels, and since it was in GTA, if Rockstar is going for realism, it seems odd that they would leave it out. It could still come late in some DLC. Thank you! To be honest, it's not just the brothels I feel it's lacking.

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It's romance in general -- outside of the main story that is. There are so many npcs and interesting characters, hell, Arthur's an interesting character. I wasn't expecting the pornographic GTA 5 sex scenes well I mean, the outlaw can't ever fall in love with a maiden in a town in the middle of nowhere? It just seems like wasted potential. Here's this giant romantic world by definition, the scenery being as beautiful as it isand your character is forever alone.

All you really have the option of doing is being a Lone Ranger. I get a lot of people don't necessarily need it, but it's a noticeable exclusion from the game none the less. It wasn't forgotten, it was left out. For some of us older guys who have been married a long time.

Some days just touching your partners hand is nothing sexual. It is pure statement in your actions that you love them and you got their back. Not saying one can't be a of the other, but in this day and age not all people see sex as romance. Many cases they see it more as notch on their bed posts, then building something long lasting. Maybe he is the kind of person that has no need to settle down or fall in love. Maybe he is a warrior that lives and dies by the sword. Then again I know grown adults, never married, never dated, they are very happy living solo in their lives.

They don't want the drama that comes from being in a romantic relationship. Last, I don't see what a persons need to go to a brothel is required.

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Our character is an outlaw, who most likely takes what they want, regardless whether or not the other person wants give consent. Even a brothel, if history serves me correctly, many times the ladies there wasn't doing it cause that's how they wanted to spend their days and nights, it wasn't a job, it was survival.

It wasn't glorious. It wasn't romantic. So unless someone has already played all 60 hours and proven that in the end game, that Arthur doesn't find happiness. We don't know if he doesn't find romance. We don't know what kind a character he turns out to be. I am sure there will be videos out on YouTube within the day or so showing all the possible endings. Facebook and Twitter ban masterpiece nude paintings because there's a nipple or two on the loose and yet they show people shooting other people in the face.

It's a bit back to front in my view but generally what happens when you let religion control politics. A game should be reflecting real life so unless you're a priest or a big, fat loner, sex should be part of that storytelling. I'm not saying it shouldn't be in the game, I'm saying there are more important things to worry about. I'd rather them put more focus into the things I'm going to do often in the game. That's emotion and connection, and gives you the implication of a romantic night together without being graphic.

I think making a romantic connection with characters would greatly help with immersion. I'd like that a ton more than the camera following Arthur into a prostitute's room in the second floor of a saloon for a quick boink. This is all I would want it to be. That could easily be a harlot too. You go to the brothel and drop 20 bucks on a roll in the hay up stairs. I think certain people take people's indifference or lack of desire for this content to be in their games as somehow being prudish.

Personally, it does nothing for me is there sex in red dead redemption 2 games. I can't believe this is even an "issue" of concern due to it lacking in a game but c 'est la vie. Different "strokes" for different folks I guess.

All I know is that the game is great so far and I'm having a blast playing it. Living in wild west and have no brothels in use, is the same to have a aiplane and cant fly or a car and cant drive Dont match with immersive of the game can be Other gang members use prostitutes in the story, but the one encounter we have with them in the story we insult them away.

I was kinda upset that I couldn't use brothels still am reallybut, if you go up to a hooker and press antagonize you'll hear Arthur say things so funny you'll die of laughter. I would have expected there to be some kind of prostitution in the game simple for the online play because people love laughing at that kind of thing.

Is there sex in red dead redemption 2

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