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Seven fortresses located in the northern boundaries of Eos served as the setting for the war between the Alliance and Legion. The women of the Alliance would soon learn first-hand that this declaration was neither a lie, nor an exaggeration… Game download Free download Buy the game Screenshots Related links KuroinuChapter1. Does anyone know how to use the autoplay? Kinetic and no animation. In adition the scenes are WAY too long with near to nothing going on.

The setting is great thou. Male babarians are invading ignorant lead by females societies. But the execution is poorly done. Would be much, MUCH better if inbedded in a round base strategy game. Art is ok. Hello, I have all images except the last 6 on 2 and I have all scene recollection except the last 10 on 2, how to get those? Does anyone have a completed save since I have all images except the last 6 on 2? Or how to get those images? Damn… this one… yesterday i colapsed after cuming 8 times while reading this. This eroge is a no good for my health.

OBS: that last orgasm whas an entirely new experience. I though i was gonna die with all those spasms running through my body. Everyone should try having 8 orgasms in 12 hours. Just wondering if it has a chance to come up here on Erogedownlo. Could we get some installation instructions? SNI not found when I run the executable. Maybe your virus protection removed something from the folder? My virus protection does that all the time. SNI is in there. If it is, put it on the exception list or it will probably remove it again when you run the installer.

Dude for real? As for the in-game setting: I think the Cuntry would stand for a long long time. Considering most of the males are cold-blooded mercenaries and and they also have an army of monsters who are kinda bribed to work for them in exchange for women. Also… what daughters? You have to do some hardcore research to find it though. See: Cults. But you are still talking about real life. And in real life like you said this would never work, not for long atleast. The game setting on the other hand should be able to stand for a couple of kuroinu download, maybe a kuroinu download atleast.

Add all of the monsters on that. AND all of the men who most likely got forcibly drafted while they conquered the kuroinu download fortresses. And you most likely have the mighiest army in the world by now. They have a purebred dark elf. A fiesty half dark elf. The strongest female knight in the world? Kuroinu download personally by the legendary Grahf. And a Goddess reincarnated as a High Elf.

And the list goes on. For simplicity i will say that this world uses real life dollars as their currency. But ofc it changes alot depending. Once all of his exotic merchandise gets…worn out, lets say… the price plummets. I really want the full experience so I will wait for the full game to come out and buy it that way. I really wanna support this game. Like real bad XD. Just click the portrait of one of the girl a bunch of times. Then reload a save and click another girl a couple of times in a row. Rinse and repeat for last girl. Bro, can you tell me how to open the other character like alicia?

Where and when should i save and load? So its safe to assume the rest of the girls will be unlocked in the other chapters? Yes this is correct you can only do the first 3 girls for now until the next chapter is released. My god, ive read some shit. Hell, i played Taimanin Asagi from start to finish in one go being behind hard as a rock the entire time but this… this is some next level shit.

If you have some super hardcore fetishes, this is your stuff no doubt. What are you getting at? Its japanese…? Kid, do you even know how diverse the stuff that comes out from Japan is? Overall i liked it, but only if you have some extreme fetishes like i said, most of the scenes were good but the extreme psychological torture was a bit much for me.

Anyone has got the same error? Is there a solution? Just try again and see if it still pops the error message. This game is split kuroinu download a very weird way. It starts out good, but in the middle its a very weird cut going from 3 women captured to all the women captured. And you have a huge parade showing all of the priestesses, queens and knight. I have heard that the Japanese release did the same with 3 chapters but i wonder if this is the way they did it.

Its just progression and leading into the scenes. True, but it does actually feel pretty odd when that jump occurs. But despite what Caution says, kuroinu download is after all a nukige. But despite that i am looking forward to the whole game just to see how they bind it all together. Vult did say he had already laid the ground work for the other fortresses and that they would likely collapse from the inside… what does he mean?

Was this censored in some way? A character mentioned another character shitting in public, but it never happened in the game. Oh wow, it actually came out! I remember when this was announced, it had such a mixed reaction…. The video game industry taught me to beware of episodic releases…. Oh my god, finally.

Thanks alot for posting this. Kuroinu Chapter 1. The women of the Alliance would soon learn first-hand that this declaration was neither a lie, nor an exaggeration… Game download Free download Buy the game Screenshots Related links. Army Gals ». Bernado says:. April 8, at pm. WM says:. July 10, at kuroinu download. Kevenka says:. September 18, at pm. December 27, at pm. Ex Nihilo says:. July 8, at am. June 20, at pm.

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