Leanna slice of life

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Mature Content Warning This Leanna's Slice of Life contains mature content intended for audiences over 18 years old which may be disturbing to some. Content Warnings : Not yet confirmed If you are older than 18 or up and you are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this. Otherwise, you should close this and view another. Leanna's Slice of Life is a simulation role-playing game created by Acerola and published by Kagura Games.

In a world where demons exist, Kain and Leanna live in a relatively peaceful village. Kain is a natural-born fighter who hunts demons around their village. The two eventually marry each other, capturing the envy of the entire village. As they prepare to start their happy life together, something happens.

That night, the village is attacked by demons. Kain quickly grabbed his weapons and set out to defeat the invaders. However, he is careless and leaves himself open for an attack, only for a traveler to dive in and take the blow for him. Kain has a doctor treat the traveler, promising him that he'll pay later. And thus, Kain ends up neck deep in debt. Though he says he'll collect the money himself, Leanna has decided that she'll work as well; they are a family now, meaning that they share their problems.

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Leanna slice of life

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Leanna's Slice of Life