Legend of krystal endings

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Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev of Go to. MightyAltroll Member Game Developer. Sep 19, Do you want a game? Or do you want a porn gallery? Reactions: LORDtaco BonelessSlayerUwU Member. Apr 4, MightyAltroll said:. Reactions: Artix0mymainCapRafa and 3 others.

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BonelessSlayerUwU said:. Name00 Newbie. Jan 6, 17 5. The finished model. Clohted Gif. Naked Gif. I kinda hate it to be honest. It looks nothing like Krystal. She looks like some kind of Egyptian cat instead of a fox and it all lacks the appeal of the old art style. Nov 9, 9 The new art looks amazing and really professional. Can't wait to see the new version. Reactions: squidward. Apr 24, 94 Reactions: vitdragon Rambo Member. Jul 15, How do I tear her clothes? I have over lust and spoke to nesi at night and she mentioned it but I wasn't given an option.

You must be registered to see the links. Rambo said:. Reactions: edgartheslayer. Name00 said:. Thanks, if I already had the clothes stolen but my bodysuit wasn't ripped, do I have another chance? I still have no option to rip my suit, I've done the task with cenvir but how do I initiate it now?

Help anyone?

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Tank1 Newbie. Sep 25, 81 I think alot of this anxiety and angst will be solved one way or the other with the demo. Too many things can be interpreted wrong and many things can change in development. I've watched a couple of streams and have enjoyed the potential again.

Any word on the potential release date of the demo?? Old word was October-ish. Gutsandguts Active Member. Dec 9, So they're just completely stopping what this was and starting it again?

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I don't get the point honestly. Are people legend of krystal endings so interested that they're willing to wait God knows how long for a finished version? They could have just used the new members to round out what it was and then make an upgraded sequel. I for one definitely can't be bothered basically playing through the same content again and lets face it with all that extra artwork and whatnot I doubt it will develop any faster than this version, it could easily be slower. Maybe it will be faster but I don't think I've ever seen that happen. Usually devs recycle and upgrade everything and people get bored waiting so it gets abandoned.

Personally I liked the simple look it had, it's classic. It was the Krystal based game we should have got like 6 years ago after all the failed attempts. Reactions: SychexDeleted memberKuroShimura and 1 other person. Tannin00 Member. Jul 1, Personally, I don't care if they started it again, if with that the time of the updates becomes constant from one point to another.

Although and I only hope not for myself but because they give a good impression so that they regain confidence and even attract more in patreon, I hope that the version they get released showing the new model, has both H content and the same or near history to what has been taken until V0. PD: Reading posts, I see that a member of the team occasionally re the forum, I don't know if you already have a model of the H events planned until the end, but taking advantage of the fact that as Krystal your story is in a village tribal, it would be fun to put an event with the shaman where Krystal for X or Y reason, she must take and use a position, but and depending on which, the result varies, as an example, one that would make her an old woman or the other that it would make her younger, or that others would make her a lizard, a cat or even a bird.

And now and independently, if you add an H for some of these result variants to be better. This is to pay homage to the typical clicker of a sorcerer's apprentice who, by playing with positions, can be obtained from what is sought to reach curious.

Anyway, thanks and independent of P. D, for the work that you are carrying out and it is appreciated that almost constantly both Discord and Patreon keep the communication. Deleted member Guest Guest. This idea that we're making porn secondary is actually infuriating me. Every single quest will be deed with porn in mind. The toggle is just there as a way to easily avoid it if you want to say, play a fun game and record it on youtube. We're not sacrificing anything, nothing legend of krystal endings changed in that regard. The one thing i don't understand that while the older LOK games had the same option to play the game without porn.

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Well, at least you could avoid most of the porn content in them if you wanted in them to. The only difference is that now they add a simple on and off switch for that reason. So if there are any that want to play it without any porn could do that. As for the popular misconception, no they don't going to make an swf materials exclusively. All the swf toggle going to do is that it's would skip the porn content if it was tooglen on. There would be no "only sfw content that would rob the time from making more porn for the game". It is only a feature, a game mechanic.

I would really good that people finally understand that. And stop their whining. Last edited: Oct 4, Reactions: asiermfizz and Shinshon. Jinsoyun Member. Sep 28, Blebjeb said:. I think you're misunderstanding the reason behind 'sfw' options. In my experience, there's only a few reasons you would say 'no' to a porn scene while playing a porn game: 1. You aren't interested in the sex scene. You need the illusion of choice to add to the corruption mechanic. Choice is needed to either prolong the character's corruption, or to tick that little box in your head that says, "Yeah, you're a dirty girl, aren't ya?

Very few porn games are worth playing for any other reason than as masturbatory fuel. If they want to add a sfw legend of krystal endings, let them I guess. I won't be using it!

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Legend of krystal endings

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