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In this guide you will find everything you need to get achievements, special events, endings and more in Living with Temptation. Please do head over to lessonofpassion. The following guide contains themes and characters that belong to lesson of passion. This guide is fan-made and was created out of respect and for recreational fun. This is a free guide, if you have paid a site and was redirected to thisask for your money back, it is a scam. Rules RLE The basics of the game are simple; you have Lisa your hot babysitterTracy your equally hot wife and a total of 40 days to raise your relationship s with the girl s and maybe even score.

But be careful, as you advance you are faced with decisions that may improve one relationship, but may hinder the other. STYLE: Whether getting tanned in the sun or buying new exciting clothes, your appearance plays a huge part. ESTEEM: One of the hardest to raise in the game, either talking to pretty girls or dancing, you have to have high esteem to pull it all off. MONEY in the game all depends on how good of writer you are, or try to living with temptation wife gone wilder. But be careful, Tracy does not like the idea of you spending endless amounts of money in a week. CHORES must be done, and as the stay-at-home father, it is your task to take care of the upkeep around the house as well as spend time with your.

Failure to do so may resort in a game over, divorce or worse! GIFTS are wonderful ways of showing affection and also to add new elements and situations to the game. But be careful not to give the wrong gift at the wrong time, there is such thing as too much too quickly! Yes as a man you have to listen to not only boring strife but understand what each lady like and dislikes. SEX, of course, plays a big part in this game. However, the girls are not that easy. They will not give you anything unless you give them something first. So work hard! Places PLC There are many places to explore, interact and have fun in LWT and here are all the those things and what some of the rewards are.

Office: Choose Asment 1 Hour : Pick an asment to complete for money The stats below reflect having Morale, if lower then your word count will differ. Chores CHRS While in the game you must perform weekly tasks to continue the game the evaluation of your tasks by Tracy will be on Friday at if you are in the Living Room. There are two : House Chores and Baby Chores. In total you must spend 4 hours on each category. Here is a list of where, and when, you can obtain these:. Some are choices, some are achievements, some are for the ability to go further with both or one of the girls.

You do not need to be there on the exact date as you can get these after the date, these are the earliest times you can get them except for the chores date vacations days and other days are LOCKED and will happen every time. Day 6: At the start of the day, Tracy will ask you about going on a cabin retreat. If you stay behind, Tracy will be out of the house, you will love Relationship with Tracy. She will return on Sunday time will jump to Day At the start of the day, Tracy will ask you about going on a cabin retreat.

Some happen everyday, some happen one hour a day and some only after certain items are given. If below 30, she will scream at you to get out. She will then put on a fashion show for you. If you did tequila shots with Tracy, Lisa will want to try it as well.

But if Tracy is home, you will be caught! If you do not, she will leave and the game will end. LISA: Unlocks the option to find her in the club. NOTE: After giving the bikini to the girls, they will interact with each other LISA: Unlocks living with temptation wife gone wilder interaction after agreeing not to have contact with her. Achievements ACI : During the game you have several times to interact with the girls, 10 of them have a special achievement tied into them. The following is how to unlock all the achievements in the game.

If you want to know what achievements were unlocked anytime, click MENU in the top right corner and see which ones were unlocked. Best Story Ever: Go into your office and select a project. Select the hard project. Finish it. Lisa on a Stroll between During one of your walks, randomly you will encounter a mugging.

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Choose to intervene. Red Beaver: Give swimsuit to Lisa. Around Day 20 atgo to the backyard. On day 11, be upstairs at Caught in the Act: This is an unknown variable to obtain this scene. You will need to have sex with Tracy a few time and then when Tracy is home go into your office and Masturbate.

After the cutscene, the achievement will unlock.

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Cum Under the Sun: Around day 24, go into your office around Inspect the noise. Three days later, go outside after It All Stays in Vegas: Give Lingerie to Tracy Raise sex over 90 Raise Fitness over 50 On one of your vacation days, you will go to Vegas While in the restaurant select: She is ok, not a nympho,want to claim you, your evil, When confronted tell him you are a black belt Choose to go to the club After the contest, have living with temptation wife gone wilder guys. Forbidden Pleasure: Give Lingerie to Tracy On one of your vacation days, you will go to Vegas While in the restaurant select: She is ok, not a nympho,want to claim you, your evil, When confronted tell him you are a black belt Chose to go to the Room Change positions until you get the option to have anal.

Desire So, how are things with you? Desire I freely feel comfortable living with you and Tracy, you are great bosses! Do you want to hand out and chat for a bit? Secrets SCT There are a few secrets in the game such as extra scenes, glitches, and cheats that can help you in the game. Here are a few:. Sandy: Sandy is a small character that does have a small sex scene in the game that can obtained through the following way; Firstly, give Lisa a swimsuit.

Around the halfway through the game you can meet both Lisa and Sandy in the backyard by the pool. By the end of the scene, if you try to leave, Sandy will stop you and recommend having a contest. Allow her to touch you and the scene should end. A few days later, keep entering your office and Sandy will enter. You have the option of having sex with Sandy or turning her down. Accepting it will result in Lisa walking in and fighting you.

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She also has a small scene after you have sex with Lisa at the club, if you turn around, she will appear. Voyeurism: Towards the end of the game you will have two times when Derek will come over for dinner. During the second time, if you have not had sex with Lisa at all and stayed faithful, at the end you and Tracy will have a special time outside by the pool while Derek watches from the bushes.

Fashion Consultant: As your desire increase with Lisa, not only do the conversations change, but also something else; her feelings towards you. One hidden feeling is in her room. When talking to her, if you select the right choices, she will continue to show more outfits to you the next day. The final outfit is a long black dress. You then can masturbate while watching her. After you have sex with Lisa in the club, if you go into her room she will wear the same lingerie, but you now have the opportunity to have a BJ and some sex with her in her room.

Another Body Shot: If you give Tracy a swimsuit and take her outside you have the option to have a tequila body shot. In the background, you will see Lisa spying on you. Later on if you give Lisa a swimsuit and agree to have non-cotact with sex with her, you can go outside and kiss her belly. She will then ask to try and body shot as well. Getting Caught is Fun: The Caught in the Act achievement is not just a one time achievement, every time you get caught in your office masturbating by Tracy, there are 3 dialogues to pick from, each one giving you a different dialogue and action.

Get caught multiple times and see what Tracy does to you! Tracy Never Leaves Living with temptation wife gone wilder A well known, and annoying, glitch can be found when Tracy leaves for the weekend and you stay at home. Endings EDG : There are an amazing 13 endings to try and obtain in the game.

Here are how to obtain them. Ending 1: Do none of the chores throughout the house Ending 2: Press your luck too far with Lisa and she will leave. Ending 5: Finish the game normally, non vegas trip and no sexual encounters with Lisa Ending 6: Try to seduce Lisa, only to fail not get invited to the club Ending 7: Choose Lisa over Tracy, stay home and do not go on vacations with Tracy.

Have sex with Lisa too. Ending 8: After having sex with Lisa, tell her and Sandy that it was a one time thing. Ending 9: Choose Tracy over Lisa, do not have sex with Lisa and keep it non contact. Ending Have sex at the Swingers club, do not finish you BJ, ask them to be gentle, Tracy and do not leave her. Ending In the swingers club, do not tell the guys to be gentle, leave Tracy.

There is nothing that denotes a path to a specific ending or achievement as you may expect, just stats! It would be better, and less time-consuming to do guide paths to certain endings and highlighting special events. Are you kidding me? This is the best possible way to writeguides for lop games!

Living with temptation wife gone wilder

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