My little pony friendship is magic sex

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Jack Potor Jackpot ; 'Spectacle'or 'Showcase' ; and an unnamed unicorn mare are unicorn ponies who appear as Trixie 's family members in the season eight episode Grannies Gone Wildthe season nine episode Between Dark and Dawnand the IDW comics. It's not explicitly stated, and Hasbro may decide to change their minds down the line somewhere, but we thought it was a fun nod to her parentage, and made Whether or not he's aware he has a daughter is up for debate. After a bit of flirting, they invite the "Gold Horseshoe Gals" to their magic show at the Ponet Fantastique theater later that evening, promising to save them a spot on stage.

Later, during Jack Pot and Big Bucks' magic show, they invite the grannies onto the stage to serve as assistants in their ature magic trick, the Splashtastic Escape. However, Rainbow Dash interrupts the trick and knocks the magicians' water tank over.

In an effort to save face, Jack Pot and Big Bucks convince the audience that it was all part of the show, and they run away using one of Jack Pot's smoke bombs. Trixie's father, Jackpot, was a famous stage magician.

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His most impressive trick was the Splashtastic Escape, performed with his friend Big Bucks. It's no surprise that Trixie loves magic shows too! Article workshop Placeholder name polls Core wiki activity Project forums Wiki discussion Chat discussion Speculation. Wiki policies and guidelines How to contribute Tips and tricks Contact an administrator. Collaborate Help Back. Community Collaborate Help Back. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Trixie's family. History Talk 0. Ted Anderson on Twitter: " nhSnork Ooh, good question.

Maybe something with "Spectacle" or "Showcase. Retrieved on March Retrieved on April Big Jim on Twitter: "; … ". Nicole Dubuc on Twitter: "; … ". Yes, we were implying that he was indeed TX's dad. Big Jim on Twitter: " Twilight Velvet and Night Light. Universal Conquest Wiki. Jack Pot in Grannies Gone Wild. Trixie's family image gallery. Moderate violet. Light cornflower blue. Pale, light grayish orchid.

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My little pony friendship is magic sex

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Trixie's family