Ninja love walkthrough

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In chapter 2 right after 'Not at all' there's an item checkpoint. Just thought you should know. I'm playing this character, after finishing Kotaro, and I have to show my gratitude. These walkthroughs are truly helpful.

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Thank you so very much. Good day! Happy new year! And all that jazz.

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I'm almost through with this character. However, Just thought you should add. This is probably one of the most expensive characters In the game. And again, thank you so much for these walkthroughs. They really are a lot of help. Chapter 7 its 2 passports for me is that because I used a love potion when I got one? Spencer Willem Willem V. If you're using this for the paid version then you'll be getting a lot of wrongs answers. Charm requirements changes depending on how many routes you have finished. Special Request from Anonymous!

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Special thanks to Gurgi for the CGs. Not at all! Get: CG [Chapter 3] I'm glad to be of help. Are you gonna devote yourself entirely to your work? Thank you! Get: CG [Chapter 5] Don't say that! Want to talk? Get: Love Letter [Chapter 7] Are you sure? Passport Checkpoint - 5 Passport Needed Use, use this!

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I want to be with you! Passport Checkpoint - 5 Passport Needed I see Both of you are really impressive! Passport Checkpoint - 7 Passport Needed I don't dislike you for that. Happy Ending Super Happy Ending. Hiya, I'm not so great with an introduction so here's a quick summary of me - I'm lazy But at the moment I'm very busy with my nursing classes so my life is pretty much sold to it right now.

D: Wish me luck! Sapphiro Garcia December 7, at PM. Sapphiro Garcia January 2, at PM. Anonymous January 31, at PM. Anonymous February 1, at PM. Want to Support Us? Please be aware that in order to get a good end, it requires you to pay for certain sections of the story. Best Choice I wonder what their relationship is? Subscribe Newsletter. Spencer,1,Willem,1,Willem V.

Ninja love walkthrough

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