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And I really wanna promote it! Hey Mod Asor! Do you remember when someone said that they created a stickcat Ellie with cloth or something? That was me and now I get to show it to you! A looooong time ago I asked about her but we never got a chance to see her.

V is definitely the doctor I mentioned in that last post! About RHM since Right was the first paradise tumblr she ever added cybernetics to- she became his personal doctor! V, Reg, and RHM both agree on meetinf each other montly for check ups on Right- it would benefit the both of them: Dr. V can research Right more to improve her ability on cyber surgery and Right can get improvements from Dr. V- but i still had brainrot over her! RHM was in the airship- til a few toppats found some catnip and decided to let Right try it! AaAaAaA ok s o- just wondering- is there a ship going on between the triple threat?

Aha- okay- im not the best person to explain when it comes to QPRs Queer Platonic Relationships - so it may be better for you guys to search it up if you are interested to know more! I am also in a QP poly!

Posts got anything to say? Enjoy the blog! Anonymous asked: Rip blog. Gone but not forgotten. Discord Server! Check out the The Frog Fan Club! Will Stickcats copperright get married?

Paradise tumblr

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