Parasite unbirth

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A Highschool is plagued by spirits. While a group of student ghostbusters tries to find and capture them, a female teacher uses the bathroom. Once locked in the stall, she discovers a horrible worm parasite Once possessed, the teacher becomes hyper sexual and seduces a male teacher. The ghostbusters find them having sex, and after a battle, they exorcise the spirit from the teacher's body. One night, a circus animal trainer discovers their new panther has been killed, leaving behind a mutilated corpse.

The men think an animal is responsible and search the area.

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The real culprit is a worm creature that burst out of the panther, and it sneaks onto the trailer where the owner's wife is sleeping Later the creature talks to her, forcing her to kill and drink blood to feed itself in her womb.

Eventually it grows and she gives birth to a mutant creature, which appears to crawl into the sea. From the Outer Limits episode "Ripper". Jack, an alcoholic doctor in 's England, stumbles upon 2 women making out in parasite unbirth otherwise empty warehouse. He watches them for a bit, but the blond starts spitting up green liquid and convolsing.

Since he's a doctor, Jack rushes over to help her, but is shocked when her chest begins to split open The possessed woman accusses Jack of murdering the former host who died after transfering the parasiteand begins to torment him. It transfers to a few other women mostly prostitutesbut as far as I recall, the rest happen off screen.

The 3rd from a series of movies involing a tentacle parasite that transfers sexually between hosts and possesses them. Earlier in the film, the parasite jumped from a comatose female patient in the hospital to the nurse in this scene. The nurse then lures the school teacher to this utility room Later in the movie, the teacher goes to her school, sleeps with parasite unbirth predictably kills a male teacher, then torments 2 schoolgirls with her tentacles.

Background: in the first film, a male teacher is infected with the parasite, torments several women with his tentacles, and is killed at the end, but not before he transfer the parasite to a lady teacher.

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In the second film, the teacher brings the parasite to a group of campers, where it jumps from host to host, eventually ending up in the woman who is taken to the hospital at the end. Edited and re-pasted parasite unbirth from the 99 ways to die 3 parter of this game on youtube, using FFmpeg.

The game's plot revolved around you being a teenage computer wiz who is forced to fight for his life after making a self referencing joke regarding video games, which turns out to be the reality of the situation specifically the evil brain wanting world domination.

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The gameplay is basically Dragon's lair style, full of Quick time events. Apologize for the bit of french voice over in one scene as I parasite unbirth not find that particular scene in the original 3 parter. Almost all vore is soft in nature, though there are at least 2 cases of dismemberment, the first is not very graphic and the second features no blood regardless.

Yhe episode of the anime itself says it drains the life of it's victims once it inhabits them and several cases are shown. Also this series does have other instances of vore in it, at least one I remember involving a dream episode where the wolf? Actually it might be in the video media section on this site.

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Here's a scene from Sexual parasite Killer pussy I think the subs tell the story of what happens pretty well. The girl does die at the end, but her body is taken over by the parasite later in the movie. There's a bit of blood and gore throughout the movie, but there's also two other unbirth scenes in this movie.

I'll them at a later date. How many vids does this make now? So the parasite unbirth in the vid is a "puppet parasite". It goes in through your belly button, messes with your head without you knowing to find another host, all the while eating you from the inside out. At least that's what I p.

The victims of this parasite usually end up dead except for main characters of parasite unbirth. There is another scene like this one, but it does nowhere. The movie has a mix of male and female possessions, but they are barely shown to my memory except for this one. Lucky us. Or me if this isn't your cup of tea. I have horaded this clip long enough, enjoy. Scenes I edited From Futurama season 2. Note this is big file but, season 2 is the longest and, had include almost entire episode in this compilation which was popplers episode. THis includes also some eating scenes where nibber gobbles up couple food items cause love little guy but, most vore included here segements with brains sluge blobly little things that feed on peoples brains, a quick bit where lizard alien had fly alien in his mouth but, spits him out.

ALso most bits where gang find out that slurm is actually is produced from queen slugs behind as thought this was sorata vore themed I included it as well. Zoid berg eats small hemit crab and, his races remains then get eaten by seagulls after they mate cause when they do they die.

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Another segment fry gets eaten by large fish then spit out zoidberg was in it to. Finally pretty much almost complete Poppler episode where fry things found some kinda edible small crunchy things and, later its found out they are the parasite unbirth of toad like race since they are young being devoured I included the bits where people are shoving them in mouths like pigs.

Also whole part where kind and, queen of the race want to eat leela they are some nice pre vore shots and, maw shots and, monkey and, hippy dude get eaten however they hippy cause he was stoned gets the king high. Finally zoidberg Guinie pig and, and, later in another segment which is imaginary leela feeds the professor to some mutant anteaters and, she devours zoidberg. No portions of aryion. All artwork is copyrighted their respective owner unless stated otherwise.

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Navel Vore Parasite Scourge. Blood Female forced gory Parasite possession sexual parasite unbirth worm. Search Search this site:. Request new password. Poll Do you have any friends who are not into vore who know you like vore whether it be sexual, artistic, or both.

Parasite unbirth

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