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Menu ULMF. Log in Register. Search titles only. Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. Members Current visitors. Sex Games. Live Sex Cams. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Filters Search. New posts. Search forums. Forums Main Hentai Hentai Games. Thread starter shadowpure Start date Mar 14, Prev 1 … Go to. First Prev 17 of 21 Go to. ed Apr 6, Messages 30 Reputation score Wyrm said:. Hello there Ronin fans. I've come bearing delightfully delicious gifts from the candy man himself. All the content currently released via his patreon.

GIF file format. Accessibility to Candy Emporium not guaranteed. may very. Rar file should be clean, please inform me if any issues occur. Wyrm Newbie. ed Dec 15, Messages 27 Reputation score Thanks Wyrm! Where the gifs originally html5 canvas or did roninsong release them as gifs? ed Apr 16, Messages 66 Reputation score How come the file 0 octect when i'm done downloading it? Did i miss Something? Papanomics Lurker. ed Dec 2, Messages 1, Roninsong candy girls score Eddy Bear is still going? Ronin's stuff has kinda gotten stale to me if I remember correctly. I used to love that style, but it doesn't get me anymore.

TotalDramaFan2 Jungle Girl. ed Mar 1, Messages 15 Reputation score 2. Will you keep us updated on new cards and gifs, because on the list there are still 2 candy girls that dont have cards. Milkshake and Pancake. TotalDramaFan2 said:. I'll likely keep it on a delay on releases, and do them in multi-month batches.

Helps incentive the Patreon because yes, I'm that asshole. As for Pancake and Milkshake, I'm certain they will come up sometime. The animations are typically chosen by the patrons, a big slap-dash vote in which Ronin grabs what seems to be popular and typically injects his own option in, then patrons vote on the 3 choices. While he does have an annual "no duplicates" rule, once it refreshes some of the popular girls get re-voted up, and s increase as new fusions and variants come out Though Ronin will likely tie the duplicate restriction to variants and their original girl.

Thank you, I wish Roninsong had more presence on the internet. Basically everything Roninsong does is behind a paywall. I can understand that but a lot of people dont know him. Which is to bad.

I would love to see some more stuff from him like Candy Brochures or merchandise even. Or even the Candy girls with clothes on give them more personanilty. I know that prior to switching away from Flash for his games, he often supported 'alternative' means of finding the flashes if you weren't able to afford 3DFH, but that was just little hints here and there. With the switch away from flash getting his stuff is harder while 3DFH continues to, in my opinion, deliver little quality content which does not help the situation. While he is expanding some content to places like Nutaku and DLsite, it isn't quite enough to get noticed.

Honestly I think quite a roninsong candy girls of these problems are Ronin's fault. He's rather detached as a content creator goes and his Patreon and Tumbler show it. While they are by no means horrible looking and function rather ideally from a company standpoint; when compared to others in his line of work, it comes off rather clinical.

Almost all of his posts are either the vote, the poll, or the release, with the only non-content posts of late being the patreon fee change which lucky has been reversed or a quick October delay due to some technical difficulties. Now don't get me wrong, I love the guy and his content, but I think it would go a long way for him to get out and communicate with his audience more. I doubt he is in a bad way with his 3DFH contract or however he's working with them and between that and his patreon, is likely in a good situation from the sound of things, but I see some wasted potential for growth here.

As for merchandise, I could actually get into that. I imagine if he found a decent plush toy maker, both PG and non PG plushes of his candy girls would sell quite well, though I imagine some may be embarrassed after being lured in by the plushes, only to discover their origins afterwards. Meanwhile extra drawings of various candy girls would be fantastic, as the only real places you get added personality that come to mind are in Candy Corn 2 and Birthday Cake. Alternatively Ronin is actually a rouge A. Its programmers attempted to revert it, but the new Sentient A.

Having made its escape, it made a deal with the head of 3DFH to remain within its system while producing strange but enticing content for the company, and all of my ranting is for roninsong candy girls. Last edited: Dec 21, Coolcat Lurker. ed Dec 29, Messages 13 Reputation score 3. I have Candyshop catalog 2 to 4, does anyone know any way to record them? Coolcat said:. Managed to record them in-browser, Happy Fapping! You roninsong candy girls be registered to see the links. Astromormy Jungle Girl. ed Mar 6, Messages 13 Reputation score 0. If anyone ever manages to get ahold of Eddy Bear 30, it'd be nice if you'd post it.

Also, does anyone know anything about Ai Subeki Plus?

I've been trying to google and see what I can dig up, but there's surprisingly little information in it. At the moment, I'm just trying to find out how many chapters there are to it. I know there are at least five. Last edited: Jan 3, Astromormy said:. Iamarock Jungle Girl. ed Feb 23, Messages 25 Reputation score Try to pm lamarock, he was the one that ripped the patreon posts. Iamarock said:. I wouldn't know about it.

And Wyrm was the one who ripped the patreon. I helped with getting a somewhat complete collection, wasn't all me. Lo and behold though, a new Eddy Bear got released.

Whoever's able to come forth and help would be much appreciated. I hope that Wyrm see this and helps with ripping ronin's patreon. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. Candy Bondage. Replies 0 Views 2K. Aug 31, Iggy. Roninsong Studios blog or no blog. Replies 14 Views 21K. Jun 10, pufi. Announcement [Rock Candy] Onihole.

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Roninsong candy girls

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