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For book readers, it was a scene we knew could happen, and were bracing ourselves for. For Unsullied, it was a punch in the gut. But not everyone was okay with yet another rape of yet another leading lady in the ever bleaker world of Game of Thrones. For some, it was the last straw.

This is not the first time viewers have threatened to boycott Game of Thrones. In Season 1, it was the death of Ned Stark. In Season 3, it was the Red Wedding. Last year, many quit over the badly edited consensual sex scene between Cersei and Jaimewhich read on screen as rape. But those threats to quit were different. But most of those reactions came from fans and commenters—the internet hoi-paloi, if you will.

This situation is different because it involves a high profile website, one that trades in all things geeky, The Mary Sue. Other high profile writers also declared themselves done with the show, though it should be noted that, unlike the writers at The Mary Suewhich posted several Game of Thrones posts a week, none of them recapped or wrote about Game of Thrones for a living as Ryan McGee readily admitted.

I spent a lot of time yesterday, both on and offline, discussing sansa stark sex scene with fans, and have identified three issues. Lastly, people feel it was unnecessary for the show to go there. I understand that I am in a serious minority when I say that the possibility of this scene has been on my radar since December of last year.

After all, we know from seasons that the producers tend to show torture scenes onscreen that Martin left off.

See generally: Theon, Season 3. Perhaps this scene was a surprise for the casual viewer, but the clues were there for anyone who wanted to look. In fact, the reason most of her subsequent abuse does not happen on the is because Theon is not around to witness it. Now, the show is not bound by POV characters, and unlike with Jeyne, it spares Sansa from being sexually assaulted by both Theon and Ramsay. After all, in the books, Sansa has never had agency. But last season, the show took a huge step for the character by doing away with all that. Sansa stark sex, she stepped out wearing a stunningly sexy dress, showing that she was ready to graduate from pawn to player.

It was a hugely empowering moment for the character, one that was cheered by everyone from the most dedicated book reader to the most no-nothing Unsullied. But although it was a huge step for Sansa to take in the moment, how much did she really know about what she was getting into?

And indeed, while Sansa may have a snazzy new outfit and a killer hairdo, she has not been making wise choices this season. At the end of day, Littlefinger has more affection for Littlefinger. She trusted him by believing him when he told her that being a Stark in Winterfell somehow meant something.

I would argue that Sansa did have agency in this episode though not in her rape sceneand that her choice to marry Ramsay was her own. Was it necessary for the show to go there? The show is already deviating from the books, so why did it choose to hew closely to this particular plotline from A Dance with Dragonsespecially after it had already subbed out one of the principal players? For answers, I can only point to this quote from showrunner David Benioff, who was discussing the decision to send Sansa to Winterfell in place of Jeyne Poole.

That monster then rapes her, has his servant rape her, and worse. This is some trick. I do, I do, I love him more than anything. When people tell you who they are, you must believe them. When the men who run this show tell you that this is the sort of thing they love from the books, you must take that under advisement and expect them to act sansa stark sex. To expect anything sansa stark sex is unrealistic. Many people have expressed horror over the fact that I watch Game of Thrones.

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Sansa stark sex

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