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I give her a hug. You now me better than that! My eyes involuntarily drop to the swing of those perfect hips. For a moment I wonder if her skirt is not a bit too short. Then I look at how it shows off those long legs and decides that it is just perfect! I realize once again how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife and drive off to work. At the office, I start up my computer and start working. There is a lot to do and I would like to be finished before I look everywhere but simply cannot find it. Then I remember. Peter, my partner, took it home with him to study.

Well, maybe the situation is not as bad as it seems. The night is still young and, who knows…? The way she looks tonight… Marie will just have to understand! I switch off my computer; lock up the office en drive to the club. I park my car in front of the Black Stallion and enter. The music is loud and the stench of cigarette smoke hangs heavily in the air. There are not many people here tonight, probably because it is a week night.

I look everywhere, but cannot find them. And there in the low light is the unmistakable blonde head of the love of my life! I sneak up to surprise them. The guy next to Marie whispers something in her ear while putting his arm around her. That short mini skirt sex stories text caught my attention and then I looked down at those long, smooth, sexy legs.

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I felt my cock jump at first sight of them. I glance at your legs crossing and uncrossing every few minutes and it gives me a brief view of your green thong. Our eyes meet when you catch me staring at your long legs and the treasure that is between them. You gave me a smile and a little wink. I could see the devilish twinkle in your eye and I felt my bulge grow even larger.

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I was ready for anything except this… You stood up and walked across the room taking my hand and leading me to one of the upstairs sex stories text. Once in the room you closed and locked the door and wrapped your arms around my neck and kissed me deeply, swirling your tongue inside my mouth and wrestling with my own tongue. You grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up over my head and tossed it in a heap to the floor. You gently raked your nails across my muscular chest and ripped abs. I slowly unbuttoned your silky smooth blouse and slid it off your arms that were busy unbuttoning my jeans.

I gazed at your bra-covered tits sex stories text yearned to suck on their nipples. I fumbled for a second with the clasp of your bra and finally removed it throwing it to the pile of clothes on the floor. The only thing on my mind while driving home from work on a sweaty day in mid-summer was to pull my suit pants off, get into my PJs, and laze around.

Living alone I could afford to walk around the house dressed however the hell I wanted and enjoy the Friday afternoon heat in peace. I came in the door exhausted and slumped onto the couch. Without my even thinking about it my hand slid into my pants, worked its way under the waste-band of my g-string, and rubbed and scratched at the small trail of short curly hairs growing above my vulva. Just as I unbuttoned my pants I heard the doorbell. I live in a condo with a security guard.

It was the little Asian girl who lives in the unit to the left of mine. She was nervous. She looked down for a moment and I felt like she was deciding whether or not to bolt back to her place and lock the door. I really need to talk to you. Can I come in, or do you want to come to my place?

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My curiosity was really peaked. I had no idea what she wanted but I was happy to go along and find out. I came over as a student originally. She opened her door, which was unlocked, and I followed her inside. Her place was clean and very sparsely decorated.

In the area to the left of the entrance way a couch stood away from any walls and facing a TV. There was a coffee table, a table in the kitchen to the right of the entrance way, which had a few chairs set out around it, and there was a large tank filled with brightly coloured exotic looking fish. The thing that I noticed most was the complete lack of any decoration on the walls. But because sex stories text their light colour, and the fact that all of the curtains were open, the place still seemed bright and cheery.

We sat on the couch and, still not knowing what exactly was up, I continued the conversation, learning that Jacqueline was 27 and worked in a travel agency. She seemed more relaxed now and I again caught the scent of wine on her breath that I had noted first at my front door. I was not wrong, as she got up and offered me a glass of a very nice red. My husband was away on business yet again.

As is normal for us, we text back and forth trying to keep in touch. Sex stories text little texts all morning long about how our days were going, flirting some but keeping it light as we were both pretty busy. But somewhere around lunchtime his texts become slightly naughty. He had never done this before so it completely caught me off guard. He texted saying he missed me which is nothing new, but went on to type he missed not just me but very specific parts of me, his favorite parts of me. He described those favorite parts in great detail, the way my nipples looked all puckered up with desire, desire he caused with his hands and his mouth.

The supple skin that starts on the underside of my breast and continues along my rib cage and how when he traces it with his fingertip it makes me giggle. The back of my knee and the goose bumps that a lick of his tongue can cause.

My long fingers and how they softly grace his own skin. I could not keep my eyes off the screen of the phone as I anticipated every text and they were really starting to heat me up. I only encouraged him by describing how my body was responding to his words; my nipples were stiffening and I could feel them rub against the silky material of my bra. My pussy was starting to pulsate and began moistening my panties.

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I was chewing on my lower lip. This only egged him on and made his texts even dirtier. He was becoming more descriptive telling me what he now wanted to do to me. His mouth wanted to take in the hard nubs of my breasts, suck profusely until they were achingly stiff and then tease them with a flick of his tongue. His tongue desired to swirl its wetness in my belly button and then trail southward to warmer more parts. Then he wanted to take my toes in his mouth, savoring them and then softly suck until I was wiggling uncontrollably.

I was starting to squirm in my chair with the pictures he was painting in my mind. About mid afternoon, he texted that he was in a boardroom style meeting and had a raging hard on that was only being controlled by the waistband of his slacks and thankfully concealed by his sweater. He wished he could rub his palm up and down his hard cock a few times and how if we kept up this texting he was going to fly home early so he could pick me up, throw me on the bed and fuck my brains out. I envisioned him at this meeting with his pants tented and giggled. I sex stories text to text back how I wanted to walk right into that boardroom with high heels, skirt taught against my ass and nipples pricking through my blouse and my shoes clicking on hardwood flooring, kneel before him, unzip his pants, grasp his stiff sex stories text, lick the precum then envelope his swollen purple head with my hot wet lips and let him slide down the length of my warm tongue.

He could then sit back and watch my head bob up and down in his lap while he felt the pleasurable skill of my mouth on his rigid cock. The night after she gave me the blowjob, I paid Kristine for her time babysitting, and told her to go home. Not acting out, really, more like the opposite. He withdrew and stayed alone on the playground.

A teacher found him sitting in the sandbox where the younger children play, quietly sifting the sand through his hands, staring into the dust it stirred up when it hit the ground. Lehmann, the school counselor, told me. Her eyes were visibly moist, and when she talked about the teacher finding Luke alone with the sand she even seemed to suppress a sob.

I had a hard time myself sometimes. For this reason and many others, I decided I could not see Kristine again. She was a quite attractive year-old mother of two who was in great shape from her job teaching bikram yoga. She never called me back afterwards, even though she assured me that she understood. I went months without even thinking about sex.

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Kristine had been the first to change this. After my decision not to see Kristine anymore, I had to hire a new babysitter. I really disliked the process. Mike, my poker buddy, had recommended Kristine to me because his oldest daughter was a classmate of hers.

I went through the process of placing. In the meantime, several calls came from local girls who wanted to babysit. I interviewed three of them, but they all seemed immature. Finally, I ran into an older woman from the church we used to go to who offered to sit for Luke anytime that I wanted to go out. She told me that her daughter, recently divorced, was ready to date again. Thinking I should take my mind off of Kristine, I decided to take the woman up on her offer, and to give her daughter a call as well.

I had no idea what this particular combination of qualities would add up to in person. She was obviously expecting my call, so we moved past the formalities quickly and arranged to meet at a local TGI Fridays. I was afraid my choice of restaurant would sex stories text her writerly pretensions but we both lived nearby and the closest non-chain restaurant was an hour in every direction.

As Friday approached, I was nervous about the date, but not for the normal reasons. I was afraid of disappointing Mara because of my general apathy; I was afraid she would feel like I was using her as a foothold on my way out of my pit of despair.

She was already at the bar when I arrived. Sex stories text recognized her from the pictures we had exchanged via e-mail. She had dirty blonde hair, brown eyes, and a sympathetic face. Thankfully she was slim, which was by no means something that goes without saying the in Midwestern united states. I was relieved to see her drinking beer, and a Samuel Adams at that, which spoke volumes for our potential future compatibility.

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We sat at a booth and ordered an appetizer, an assortment of small bits of food, each of which had lost its individual particularities of appearance and flavor during its trip through the deep fryer. I was relieved to discover that Mara was not a vegan.

After the appetizer, our beers were almost empty. Now was the time to decide whether or not we would have a second drink.

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Mara had proven herself to be an engaging conversationalist. She had worked for newspapers, had lived abroad, and had taken the job in the HR firm as a way to save money before launching a career as a freelancer. I was pleasantly surprised. As we asked the waitress for another round, my cell phone vibrated in my pocket. I was completely unprepared for what it said:. So you decided to come see me at my new job? Angela planned to have a girly night at a hotel in a nearby town and Kim and four other women were invited.

Sex stories text

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