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M was a High Agent of the Society, a criminal organization responsible for numerous crimes in Europe. He is also the king of Sharnoth, the Black King who was left behind by the members of his country who sought shikkoku no sharnoth m the light that is humanity and has spent hundreds of thousands of nights alone in darkness. Due to this, M has forgotten how to feel, and hasn't moved from his throne in thousands of years since. Eventually, he was visited years after his people left him by a human, James Moriarty, who offered up his whole body so as for him to leave and move around outside of Sharnoth.

Gender: Inapplicable M is neither male nor female, he is just Black. M is however called a male because he sounds like one. Age: Inapplicable Time is completely meaningless to himand he predates creation. M is an Old One, a fantasy being who is not a human and said to not be living and also stated to not ever die. His tentacles can also reach into souls and harm themSpatial Manipulation Can twist spaceEnhanced Senses Can see invisible things. His range of awareness is much higher than that of humans and other creatures.

Was able to sense and know the true nature of the "black puppy" Mary took with her as an Old OneTime Manipulation Stopped the time of the entire worldcan loop time to make the same day occur endlesslyPower Bestowal Gave Mary and Charlie the Sword of Rejection which can tear through and expand space. Can attack others minds by sending them images of their pastDarkness ManipulationAcausality Type 5; M is beyond time, space and causalityand is also the same as Sharnothan infinite, eternal, world of nothing. Time doesn't pass in Sharnoth, absolutely nothing passes in it, M is alone, he is a lonely king, in an eternal world.

No one can reach him, even the Old Ones whom he permitted into his realm, and nothing has ever spiraled upward to his beingNon-Physical Interaction Can harm intangible beings such as invisible shadow men. Can destroy Metacrittersbeings of paranormal phenomena and illusionsmonsters born out of darkness who are too warped to be in the world and shouldn't exist outside of a fairy talecreated from the wishes and feelings of a human. Thus they cannot be harmed conventionally. Can affect Old Ones, formless entities that embody nature and are illusions dreamt up by humanityNonexistent Physiology Type 1; M is a fantasy whose nature is akin to an illusion that is there yet not there.

He is also the same as Sharnoth, an eternal world of darkness with no sound, color, nor time existing there due to reflecting the nature of the Black King who feels nothing. In addition he is the entire universe of Sharnothand there are as many Sharnoths as there are humansDimensional Travel Can travel to other dimensions such as Sharnoth, and KarsheelFear Manipulation Being in his presence causes others to experience fearcausing them to react in different ways such as vomiting or faintingShapeshifting Can shapeshiftAbstract Existence Type 1; M is the Pitch Black ether that drifts between the planets and encompasses the entire universe.

He is one of the shikkoku no sharnoth m elements that make up the world along with time and space. He existed before the creation of the universe, but disappeared when God said let there be light, and is the reason why the night is scary. He is a conceptual entity that is of Jet Blackhis "Jet Black" being beyond time, space and causalityAvatar Creation Has a thousand manifestations on a planetary scale to even a galactic scaleConceptual Manipulation Type 1; Sharnoth, an infinite world is the way it is because M feels nothing.

The infinite darkness of Sharnoth and M are the same thing. All areas of darkness are his domain. George without leaving any trace of his existenceSound Manipulation Nothing can be heared in Sharnoth, because it sucks up all soundsNigh-OmnipresenceResistance to Memory Manipulation Leo's memory erasal ability doesn't work on him. Beyond time, space and causality, his "Jet Black" devoured several infinite stacked, multilayered universes that multiply indefinitely.

Speed : Nigh-Omnipresent Distance and time are both meaningless to himand he is beyond time, space and causality. All darkness is under his domain, and he exist as the darkness, one of the traits of the universe. He is the Pitch Black ether that drifts between the planets and encompasses the entire universeOmnipresent in Sharnoth M is everything within Sharnothas it's apart of him.

Lifting Strength : Immeasurable. Standard Equipment : None. Intelligence : Genius M is shikkoku no sharnoth m natural science scholar who created the Kruschtya Equation, which is a complicated mathematical formula that is too long to read even for Mary who possesses a Golden Eye. VS Battles Wiki Explore. Featured s. Guidelines Community Back. Featured s Guidelines Community Back. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? M Shikkoku no Sharnoth. View source. History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Universal Conquest Wiki. One of the fragments which fell off the castle.

By the name of Kruschtya, I derive the Equation. My form, my power. Things I've lost. Fangs to devour. That which makes all who struggle one. I'll devour you. Pitiful one who stole the name Black Dog. Your voice wasn't heard.

Too bad for you! It's time. I'll show you the way to Sharnoth as well. Don't think I only mean you. Do not worry about that.

All of them. All of the fragile, ephemeral humans on the surface of the earth. Including you. Including someone you love. They will all "simply" be covered in darkness. Good day.

And, goodbye forever. I am the one who chose to be alone in a world that lost everything. Only I, not any of you.

I'll give it to you. Mary Clarissa Christie.

I give this to you. To you and no one else. Because you didn't give up. It's a fitting reward.

Shikkoku no sharnoth m

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