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Oh boy… if there is a porn site that I would recommend to everyone who truly enjoys the hentai videos, then that would definitely be Hentai Haven. Obviously, this place is one of my favorites, but do not worry, as my review is not going to be biased. I shall explain all the good and the bad crap about this place, so peeps listen up!

I can truly appreciate the de they have to offer because it looks very slick, and it is dark, which means that it is quite fun for nightly browsing. In addition, it looks nice, as in it is aesthetically pleasing, from the nice-looking menu on top, to some choices you get on the side. Obviously, I give a shit about how the site I visit will look like…. I am also sure that many of you could not give a fuck about the de of the site, as long as the content you were searching for is offered, right? Well, it does not really matter, since you basically get both, a combo of a great looking website and good content as well.

I am pretty fucking sure you will enjoy all the crap that is offered here! Perfect hentai chicks in HD videos! One of the things I really love about HentaiHaven is the fact that while it is a free website, it still offers HD content, and that is not often seen in the pornographic community. Usually, free sites would offer just shit quality content and that is that… but here you get premium quality of great hentai series that you can watch for free. While describing this place, I realized that there might be some of you who still do not understand what hentai means, and I am here to explain that as well.

Hentai are pornographic anime that usually have a story, and sometimes they will have more than just one episode. Basically, these are Japanese cartoons that are drawn in a very specific way, and I am sure that you will love them as much as I do. Basic and other search options On the home, you will have all kinds of videos suggested, and they will be listed by the newest.

On top you will be given some ways you can list the videos they have to offer, such as most fapped, most viewed, discussed and so on. You could also list the hentai by their name or year, but in all honesty, we all know what really matters when it comes to porn listing, right? You do have a special tab dedicated toand they cover all the basic crap that is associated with hentai. Those sites like hentaihaven watch hentai know exactly what I mean, and those who do not will learn slowly. I need to say that there are a couple of you probably never heard sites like hentaihaven, and it is important you know what they stand for before you open their section….

Well, just so you do not need to check out all of those weird I will tell you in simple terms what each of those actually mean. First, Tsundere is a Japanese term that describes sites like hentaihaven character who is shown as cold, after which you learn that they are friendlier and all that crap. This is difficult to explain, so just watch one Tsundere clip and you will understand. Then you have Yuri, which is lesbian and Yaoi that is gay pornography. The last category I will mention is Kemonomimi, which is basically chicks with animal ears or tail.

I am not stating that they do not offer any other that you might not know about, but I think that the other are self-explanatory; not to mention that you will have a 1-sentence explanation of each category once you open it, and that should be enough for you, right? Plenty of hentai series with subs Another reason why I prefer to visit this place when I want to satisfy my hentai desires is simply that I actually watch hentai for the plot and the story.

Hentai is made for people who love anime but are also looking for something naughty, and this shit is just perfect. You get a mix of the hottest beauties out there, and you also get to enjoy a lot of great stories. Do not worry if you do not understand Japanese, most videos will get subbed eventually! Obviously, everything happens in school, and after he gets tied up by two random guys, she takes control and rides his hard pecker.

Well, the guys could not just stand by and watch, so they ed the fun and we all know how that went. There is even a bonus episode, which was as hot! You could say that the beauty of hentai series is the fact that anything is possible because nothing is real. This includes everything from perverted old men and little girls, to violence and gore. For example, I checked out another anime I will not name it for your sakethat showed a lot of gore and all that crap. The chick got all her limbs chopped off and even her eye fucked… it was quite bizarre.

Now, if you are into some fucked up shit, the hentai world is here to make all your dreams come true. You also have violent rape videos, where the hentai babe would get kidnapped, and forced to do a sites like hentaihaven of fucked up crap, eventually getting her fair share of pleasures.

However, this does not mean that all content is so weird. There are also the basic clips that show love between two hentai characters, together with some naughty cheating stories, school passion, hot threesomes, lesbian fucking and so on. When talking about hentai, it all depends on your personal preference, because you basically have it all, and I can vouch for that, since I frequently visit this place.

Useful features When I checked out their settings for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised to see the option to add something to your faplist as well as your blacklist. The faplist is basically like your favorites, and if you become a member you can use this feature. Now, the blacklist is very interesting and I think other sites should start adding this shit as well.

The blacklist basically allows you to add anything that you do not like. However, you are not really adding videos, but that you dislike, which makes this feature so great. Basically, if you are not into scat, violent porn, threesomes, yaoi, yuri or anything else, you should use their great blacklist feature and you will not see those videos anymore. I always remember the sites that do not have pagination and just how annoying it can get to scroll and keep scrolling until the site eventually bugs and you have to start your search all over again.

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Well, here you can choose whether you want to endlessly scroll or you actually want to have s, which is fucking awesome. It is hard to believe that this place is not premium. In case you already know what the fuck you want to watch, you can check all the series they offer or use the search box to find whatever you might be searching for. Honestly, options on this site are endless not literally and I think that this place gives a lot more than some other premium sites I have visited.

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The most important thing is that they offer some of the best hentai I have seen so far. You already know that hentaihaven. However, it does have some annoyingand usually, before you can watch a video you will be offered an ad as well… seeing that it is a free site that should have already been obvious since they have to make money somehow. Open Hentai Haven.

Hentai Haven Obviously, I give a shit about how the site I visit will look like… I am also sure that many of you could not give a fuck about the de of the site, as long as the content you were searching for is offered, right? Free hentai Lots of good series Plenty Almost all videos are subbed Annoying. Hentai Stream. Top Premium Porn Sites.

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