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John M. Last week I mentioned the possibility that I might teach at the boarding school at which Daughter this fall started as a freshman—or rather as a first-year student, in the parlance of our times. But no.

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No, there was no moral component to the teaching, much less any discussion of Holy Russian Orthodox doctrine. Seeing such academic excellence gave even a pessimist like me hope for our culture—and made me think that this private school, which welcomes knowledgeable if officially uncredentialled instructors, might be a place where I might satisfy my long-held aspirations to mold the intellects of our youth.

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Beyond individual books, or even subjects, I find myself drawn to single great theme: erosand particularly the erotics of pedagogy. The erotic component of teaching has occupied Western philosophers since Socrates and Plato. There, in the bedroom, the teacher would leverage the fascination that the Wise Master must excite in the student to convince the student to acquiesce in an initiation into the pleasures of the flesh—those necessary analogues to the pleasures of the intellect.

My point is that, beyond training my charges in a certain subject the history of the Russian Empire would be a natural one for me to teachI could also familiarize them with that erotic glamour that can, and should, be associated with learning. One obvious stumbling block here is that, as a commuting part-time faculty member, Teacher erotic will lack well-appointed campus rooms in which to entertain students.

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Another issue is Daughter, who seems strangely hostile to the idea of my becoming a teacher at her school. Pop Culture.

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The Hero's Deepest Fears. Moving Pictures.

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Jason As Told By Jason. Happy Jack.

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Juliet Takes Stage: An Erotic Student-Teacher Romance