Trials in tainted space dreams

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Install the app. Thread starter Owens Start date Sep 15, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Owens Well-Known Member.

Sep 3, So, was on New Texas, trying to raise my physical stats. Go to sleep to remove the sore status And my character gets fucked by a heavenly host in their sleep? I have never had this scene happen before. Anyone else experienced trials in tainted space dreams event? And know what causes it? I ask, cause I cant find it on the wiki.

Reactions: CloudStriker. Oct 13, 1, Owens said:. Click to expand Aug 26, 2, It's a dream that Steele will get if they have unlocked Atha's stuff. NotYouNorI said:. Sep 10, 2, Moscow, RF. I've never used Atha's options before. Haven't even looked at her content.

Just having someone send you the is enough to unlock it? And if she is the reason Last edited by a moderator: Sep 15, Fenoxo Corrupter of Tainted Space Staff member. Aug 26, 1, Mareth www. The corruption talk is a bit of an homage to CoC. Noob Salad Captain Shitpost. Aug 26, 4, 1, TiTSverse should have a modern day neo-religion about liberated sexuality.

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It's really the only excuse we'll have to talk about purification and corruption. Angels can be ancient aliens. Ormael Well-Known Member. Aug 27, 6, 1, Wel I think earleir in planning gdoc was few religions meantioned as possible factions to be in game. Not idea if something of those old plans will stay May 12, Honestly, the lusty angels dream is indeed quite cool to read about the first or third time, but after a while it becomes ripetitive and a bit of a nuisance if you have a full mimbrane set to manage.

Symbiote care is complex enough with sleeping random checks when you already have Anno or Ben bedding checks and mimbrane reproduction checks to care about, dream checks become an extra nuisance after a while. I wish there were a way to disable them the way you can stop sharing a bed with crewmates.

Krynh Guest.

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EmperorG Well-Known Member. Sep 6, 1, You know you can just rest to increase the lust without it being interrupted. Athena Guest. I have never, ever encountered this. And yes, I have interacted with Adjatha's stuff a lot. Dragonspiderkitsune Well-Known Member. Sep 27, 97 48 www. Somehow I've always assumed that the angel dreams came because I got those dove wings. In any case it would be nice to have greater variety of wet dreams for Steele.

Of course, it comes down to who're interested and motivated enough to writing such things. Necro or not, I think i will bump the cooldown on that dream up to 20 days. Should help with this getting tired of it. I kinda figured I'd get more dreams at some point. Maybe tie in the dreams to something. The Church, the Tainted Space, hell even psionics. Tentacle Parasite dreams when? Maybe instead of those above sugestong 2nd or 3rd variant of angels dream to let game pick radomly dream.

More different dreams would be after we got some related content. Tainted space I built a system for random dreams when I made the angel dream. It just happens that nobody has written alternate dreams. Zevos Well-Known Member. May 7, 2, 1, Can there be a way to disable dreams altogether? They're good for a fap once or twice, but they get old fast.

Fenoxo Maybe putting one or two bounties for writing more dreams to be used with this random dreams would help. Zevos With having more dreams to pick trials in tainted space dreams it wuld lessen feeling of boredom for seeing all over the same x dreams.

CloudStriker Well-Known Member. Nov 10, 48 26 Germany.

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Dragonspiderkitsune said:. Reactions: Arhon. CloudStriker said:. Can confirm that this is not the case, that dream motivated me to have an "angelic" character with a horsecock in the first place. But whether or not that happens depends on if people will write more dream content.

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