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She attempts to explain what this Bim Button does when you press it. But it seems like shes pressed the button too many times and became a dum dum.

She teaches you all how to press the Bim button too. YouTube Discord Patreon Website. Those who wear it are advertising that they are subservient to superior Alpha males. Alphas who see a fag wearing this symbol can feel confident approaching that fag for service. Reblog and spread it around, so that we can cue in alphas and fags to its meaning. Cock is life. Have to get this tattooed on me. Spread the word. I will reblog this so others can see and know! I have no problem with having a symbolic emblem put on everything that I own!

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Sissy sluts add yourself to the Map, Daddy Doms add yourselves too, look up sluts and fuck them! Also add any sissy you know to the map!

If they have put their location and contact information and a pic up on tumblr, then go ahead and add them to the Map. I put myself up! Pretty colours flashing your mind away is just how you think you should start your day. You are a hypnoslut after all, its just your nature. This is a more hardcore, longer version of gender wipe.

Multiple layers, subliminal and voiced by my favorite TTS Heather. This will unlock the girl inside you, who is dying to get out. If you do… then what are you waiting for sissy. You know this is your dream just give in and become the feminized girl you know you are sissy. Source: mindmeltedmaiden.

Source: jadeturner. Focus and learn. Source: master-mind-fkr. Yes Everyone Says yes and no one has the will to show.

Femini from the in Phoenix via explorekinkyfantasies9. Source: tweaker-bell-princess.

This is an Object! Totally reblogging!!!! Show everyone you are inferior! I hope it works I will reblog this so others can see and know! Sissy Sluts Post their status and location for Alpha Males. Source: hypnoprincesskate. Source: xxxemosissypoppyxxx.

Tumblr sissy hypnosis

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