Weve got a futa fetish

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A middle-aged man, James, had come on stage believing it was an audition for American Idol. Out ran his ex-lover, Terri. Twenty years, and you never even sent me a letter! As James tried to sputter a response, his wife ran onto the stage.

Then she saw Terri. What are you doing here? James is the father! Then the punching started. Now Ms. Knock, knock. She opened the door wide. I destroy peace. I set people against each other. Have a golden apple. Katie dropped her gun and stared.

Lisa rubbed her eyes to see if she was dreaming. For a brief moment, no one moved. To you and your girlfriend. Traditionally, I think it would go to whichever of you is prettier. Gently, she placed the golden apple on her dressing table, winked at the girls, and left the room. She closed the door behind her, so nobody would hear the screams.

In Helmand, half your squad dies, you just walk out with a big grin on your face. Kandahar, outed eight to one, and not only do you win, you end up with two Medals of Honor. You know, in case the worst happens?

I used to be a big deal, shape the destiny of whole nations, rise of Rome and all that. The whole medieval era is a blur. I can fight better than you mortals, you gotta give me that. But in terms of god stuff…I remember when I could make all of fucking Persia flee in abject surrender. How would a government super-soldier manage that? You said that you and all the other gods lost your power back in Roman days. What happened in Roman days?

The start of Christianity! That must have been what did it! Do they teach that to baby mortals in their little mortal schools? Stupidest thing I ever heard. We figured that out a long time ago. Divine power comes from meat. Like, you know, sacrifice a ram to Ares, pray for victory, then eat it in a big communal feast in the barracks. People stopped believing in you, so weve got a futa fetish stopped sacrificing rams to you. We were at the height of our power.

People were sacrificing rams to us right and left. Then it stopped working. One year the meat started having a little less effect. The next year it was a little less than that. Eventually it was gone. And then when the gods became powerless, the cults collapsed, and then the Christians and Muslims and all the rest stepped in to fill the gap. Some kind of natural floor to our power, still more than mortal but forever less than divine. And most of all, I hate that people have forgotten about us.

We used to be bigTom! They love you guys. You wanted to make me feel better. Having to be consoled by mortals. Killing some fucking Taliban tomorrow. But, uh, Ari. And I know this probably sounds really crazy to you, but humans — praying makes us feel better. To Jesus or Allah or whoever. Ianthe had always liked magic squares. They were one of the oldest forms of magic. A Sator square had been found scrawled on one of the walls of Pompeii. Since then the art had advanced, and she was its master. She would fill the word square with words relating to the sun, and Apollo would appear before her.

Working with gold ink, she traced the letters carefully:. Apollo appeared before her, devilishly handsome, impeccably well-dressed, unfailingly polite. She could believe it. He always called her that, even when he was doing very un-fatherly things to her. Though come to think of it, in his family that might not be such a jarring contradiction.

His face fell. He had explained the first time he met her that his powers were weak. Since then she had never asked him for anything but himself. The neopagan community. I told you about Megan, right? The girl who used to run a traditionalist group up in Santa Cruz?

They found her dead two weeks ago. His head was bashed in last night. I need you to take something from me. Apollo stepped back weve got a futa fetish if someone had struck him, his calm manner broken for the first time Ianthe had seen. He was investigating a crime scene. These two girls murdered each other in a Hollywood studio dressing room…it was all over the news. I brought it home and never told anyone about it. Before it makes me change my mind! Any man who sees it, no effect.

Even if a man gets it, he feels compelled to give it to a woman. That must have been what happened to your detective. I really, really do not want that apple. You have no idea how bad things get around one of these. He caught it in his hand reflexively, involuntarily. Ianthe erased a letter from the middle of the magic square, and Apollo disappeared. Then she picked up her suitcase, got in her car, and started driving, intent on putting as much distance as possible between herself and anywhere people would be looking for her. She stays by the sea shore.

Shining shells and soft surf sounds surround her shelter. Cythera simmers with summer, and seals swim in the sun. Songbirds circle in the sapphire sky, and sea stars sit semi-submerged in the sand. On a little depression in the rock which only he can see, he traces letters with his fingers:. She is naked. Her body glistens with sea-foam. She is behind a glass shelf filled with seashells, and from where Ares is standing, two of them perfectly cover her breasts. Weve got a futa fetish the near wall are pictures of her family: her husband, Hephaestus; her son, Eros; her parents, the sea and the blood of Uranus; her nth-great-grandson, Julius Caesar.

He tries to play it cool, act natural. He is acutely aware of the god-sized erection he probably has right now. He keeps his eyes fixed on the barrels of golden apples, so as not to stare. This soldier guy I knew. He asked me if…if there was anyone back home I cared for. And I said no. Fuck everyone. You know. Mom, Dad, fuck them all. But then I started thinking.

We had something good. A long time ago. Of lust. Love and lust. Of course you have affairs. Often involving fighting. He tried to kiss her a second time. I promise.

Aphrodite let her hand linger on his shoulder, then walked to the other side of the room. She picked up a golden apple. That apple is mine by right.

Bring it to me. Am I not the fairest? Somebody else has my magic apple, Ares, and I am literally shaking here. You are my protector, the hero of Kandahar, the man who got two Medals of Honor in the same battle. Can you rescue me? There were tears coming out of her eyes. She hugged his leg. Ares turned to go.

The cliff face opened in front of him.

Weve got a futa fetish

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