X rated adult video games

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Not too many games in history of the have received an Adults Only rating. Generally, those who did are difference from the rest of the games, and while some developers wear it as a badge of pride, others simply tweaked some things in the game itself. Some states went as far as banning the game, which is wrong, but kind of understandable. Developed by studio Quantic Dream, it was said to be actually quite a good time, but very soon, it went off rails. This Game was originally rated M, but it also had an uncut version out in the UK, which included all the dirty stuff.

Wow, you an guess what sort of a game it was! The graphics were terrible and there were many other problems with it as well. Former Playboy Playmate Gillian Bonner, starred in this game, and it includes moments like bad puns, lesbian love, and a couple of Gory fight scenes.

This game is loosely based on the life of Hugh Hefner. You actually get to be Hugh Hefner, and do stuff like focus on running a magazine, and have many, many parties, or sleep with a ton of women. While the original game was rated Mature, that soon changed when an expansion came, and removed the blurred pixels during segments of the game, leading to an AO rating. Singles was pretty much like the Sims.

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It is actually a very, very explicit game, and boring one at that. It was also one the very few games that had an AO rating not because of the Adult contents, but because of the Violence. It had many scenes with a lot of gore, and it attracted a lot of attention because of that. The game was deemed senselessly violent by many, and thus it was cancelled before it could actually come out by Electronic Arts Pacific, fearing it might ruin their name.

San Andreas is one of the most famous Adults Only game of all time.

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That outrage over his was huge, and Rockstar even got sued. Ultimately, the rating for the game changed from Mature, to Adults Only. It is our mission to bring you the hottest and most up-to-date information on Otaku Culture.

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X rated adult video games

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